climate control fault codes

PyRo pyro_10314 at
Tue Aug 8 19:21:53 EDT 2006

i wrote a couple of weeks back about how my radio all
of sudden stopped workin and i was gettin the flashing
on the outside temp button on the climate control. i
also had a new condensor put in..i checked out chris
millers site and got this info: when the fault code is
'01 it read '07, which according to the site is
"Feedback potentiometer on motor for positioning
heater flaps  Open Circuit/interuption" and for the
hell of it i checked '07 and it read -
         -  : which if im right  are the codes for   
2 lit: Recirculation fresh air flap is in
recirculation mode 

4 lit:  Heater valve is closed 

6 lit:  "air from footwell outlets" 

can somebody explain to me what this means? and if its
the reason my radio isnt workin or if its just from
when they installed the condensor and it was rigged so
i could have ac. thanks.

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