A/C O-ring sealant?

Dave C dconner at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 11:48:19 EDT 2006

Yes, it fits in a groove.
The cross section is round, but the shape is irregular and not "O"
shaped, and maybe 8 inches around the perimeter.  It looks like something
drawn with an Etch-a-Sketch.

Maybe I could buy cord stock and make a new seal ... no experience with this
however... not sure about sealing the ends together, and would rather not be
experimenting on this application where the only way I have to test is to
recharge the A/C system.

My thought is that, in the absence of a new replacement seal, I'd prefer to
use a sealant on the old O-ring, but don't know what kind would work best...
there are sooo many variations out there.  I really don't want to have to
redo this too many more times.

Plus I have a couple of other type 44's which are leaking from the same area
of the compressor manifold, although much more slowly.
- -
Dave C.

On 8/12/06, Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Dave C wrote:
> > There is a leaking seal in my A/C system, 89 Audi 100 and a new seal is
> > apparently not available.  This seal is an irregular shaped O-ring
> between
> > the two halves of the manifold.
> I'll give you my backyard mechanic thoughts, worth at least 2 cents.
> - Does the o-ring fit in a groove?
> - Do you mean "irregular shape" in that it doesn't look like an "o" when
>   lying flat, but the cross section is still round (or squared)?
> If "yes" to those two questions, then I'd find an A/C-compatible o-ring
> of the correct size/length/circumference and with the correct cross
> section, and insert it into the groove.  The o-ring should be thin and
> flexible enough to shape itself to the irregular shape.
> I'd bring to original o-ring to an A/C place to see what they have
> that would work.
> --
> Kent McLean
> '94 100 S Avant, "Moody"
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

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