A/C O-ring sealant?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sat Aug 12 11:08:21 EDT 2006


If you have the old seal out you can measure its circumference and cross
section and find an equivalent standard O-ring. Or, if the original is in
good shape, clean the seal and groove surfaces and reassemble with a little
Si caulk on the seal.


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> Subject: A/C O-ring sealant?
> There is a leaking seal in my A/C system, 89 Audi 100 and a new seal is
> apparently not available.  This seal is an irregular shaped O-ring between
> the two halves of the manifold.  The manifold is the rectangular block
> attached to the driver side of the compressor which the high and low
> pressure hoses screw on to.  There are five bolts holding these two halves
> together.  Three of the bolts also attach it to the compressor. In the
> process of compressor replacement I removed all five bolts before realizing
> two of them should >not< have been disturbed, and I broke the seal between
> the manifold halves.  All of the parts sources I know say this seal is NLA.
> It is not shown on the FA.  The only thing available new would be the entire
> manifold assembly for $650. FA shows the manifold as 034 298 013C "Union
> with charge valve and securing parts".
> So I recharged the system and now there's a lot of oil dripping from the
> manifold.  I suppose I could disassemble it, clean off the oil, smear some
> special goop onto it, reassemble and hope for the best.  Is there a source
> for the new seal?  Is there some sort of goop or sealant I could smear onto
> the old O-ring that would seal it properly?  What type of goop would be
> best?  Any BTDT help would be most appreciated.
> thanks,
> Dave C
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