SS line failures yet again

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sat Aug 12 20:15:10 EDT 2006

What % of SS lines fail vs total installs?  When stock lines fail are you 
just as quick to ask those to be pulled?  Was the failure caused by the line 
or another hydraulic component that manifested itself by blowing a line.  
Would you rather have new  SS lines on the car heading right at you or 20 
year old stock?  (the average age of "my daily driven fleet fleet)  Also 
plenty of SS lines are DOT approved BTW.  "SS lines" are just covered in SS 
braiding, very hard to tell what is inside.  Some may be substantially 
better than stock, some may be wet tissue paper from an unscrupulous 
supplier.  While your stated BTDT's sem to have a bit more teeth than 
supposed horrors of not using Audi coolant in our engines, my jury is still 

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Subject: SS line failures yet again
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Scotty D sent me a post to an Audiworld thread where a guy lost his
brakes because a line burst (the lines came from Blau, by the way.)
Other horror stories followed- one was a guy who nearly plowed over
some kids at a school crosswalk.

When will people learn?  How many failures and "close calls" will it
take to convince people that stainless steel lines are not
appropriate for the street?


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