SS line failures yet again

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sun Aug 13 13:31:46 EDT 2006

At 01:05 PM 8/13/2006 -0400, SuffolkD at wrote:

>Like every component on your braking system, regualrly inspect the components.

My take on SS lines is that the problem they present is the inability to
see damage to the material they cover that actually retains the fluid.
Street cars see a lot more potentially damaging circumstances than
racetrack vehicles.  My approach now is to use stock flexlines and replace
them every time I tie a car up for a timing belt change.  Every other
change, because of the corrosion in my rustbelt setting, I'm also replacing
the hard lines.  I had one of those fail on V8 #1 last winter from
corrosion while I had my hoist tied up with V8 #2 undergoing a timing belt
change.  Had to pay a shop $200 to replace an $8 piece of plumbing.  Guess
what the last thing I did on V8 #2 before removing it from the hoist?

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