Audi UFO ugrade disk?

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sun Aug 13 21:40:31 EDT 2006

From: <PeterBergin at>

> Mine was done at a dealer in California before I bought the car the 
> factory,
> G 60, the tie rods and the rest are V8 part  numbers.
> Pete
> 91 Avant


Interesting, My 2nd 200q came with G60's and some spare parts - included was 
the V8 tie rods. As I recall, I was told that in order to do a proper 
alignment, I needed to have the V8 tie rods installed - might have been a 
corroded part somewhere. I seem to recall they had a bend in them that the 
stock ones didn't. The car also had the V-8 front sway bar (28mm vs 26mm?) 
which I still need to swap to my 3rd 200q.

The 1st 200q had UFOs, the last two have had G60's - noticeable, IMO, 
braking difference. Had the 2nd one had UFOs, I think I would have missed 
that deer that caused me to purchase the 3d one :-)

doing my best to keep mpg over 25. 

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