Pro Con Ten-fusion

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Tue Aug 15 15:30:11 EDT 2006

I remain inexperienced and confused....What does one do with the ProConTen
cables when extracting the transmission?

1.  Do I unbolt the bracket attached to the body?  

2.   Or do I somehow loop cables off the invisible connection to the tranny

I finally have all the hidden bolts out of the connection between the
tranny and  engine castings.  I can slide the tranny about a quarter inch
back.  Looks like the cables tighten then.  That's as much as I've been
able to figure out.  Bentley directions led me to think there is a bracket
attached to the tranny, but now I'm thinking it's the one attached to the
passenger side of the driveline tunnel that gets detached.

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