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S Crosbie scrosbie at
Tue Aug 15 21:13:07 EDT 2006

    Yes, you must unbolt the bracket on the side of the transmission 
(think it was drivers side) a single bolt - a stud goes into a hole to 
align the bracket.  It goes up to the top of the transmission and hooks 
the seatbelt cables from the back. Once the bracket is removed the 
transmission should be loose enough to come down.  By the way I assumed 
that you disconnected the shift rods (towards the back and top of the 
transmission).  Both of these have to be disconnected before the 
transmission is finally free.  I remember using a long driver and I 
think a 13 mm socket on the one on the drivers side, the other may have 
used just the ratchet.  Also don't forget the speedometer sensor wire 
and the clutch slave cylinder (unit or hose and re-bleed later).  Don't 
worry it gets even better.  Wait till you  try to reinstall the slave 
cylinder - took me over an hour to get the right alignment and finger 
pressure/coordination so the bolt would start.  Next time off comes the 
hose instead.
Best of luck

Kneale Brownson wrote:

>I remain inexperienced and confused....What does one do with the ProConTen
>cables when extracting the transmission?
>1.  Do I unbolt the bracket attached to the body?  
>2.   Or do I somehow loop cables off the invisible connection to the tranny
>I finally have all the hidden bolts out of the connection between the
>tranny and  engine castings.  I can slide the tranny about a quarter inch
>back.  Looks like the cables tighten then.  That's as much as I've been
>able to figure out.  Bentley directions led me to think there is a bracket
>attached to the tranny, but now I'm thinking it's the one attached to the
>passenger side of the driveline tunnel that gets detached.
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