Pro Con Ten-fusion

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Aug 16 09:55:26 EDT 2006

Thanks to Steve, Peter Schulz and Alan Cordeiro, who all had basically the
same message, I finally found that ProConTen bracket on the passenger side
of the transmission  (see  ).  I'd
looked around for something resembling the stupid drawing in the Bentley
and thought I'd examined that part of the tranny at least half a dozen
times without really recognizing what it is.  Part of the problem, of
course, is working under the car inside a barn with  hand-held work lights
letting me see stuff.  

At 08:13 PM 8/15/2006 -0500, S Crosbie wrote:
>    Yes, you must unbolt the bracket on the side of the transmission 
>(think it was drivers side) a single bolt - a stud goes into a hole to 
>align the bracket.  It goes up to the top of the transmission and hooks 
>the seatbelt cables from the back. Once the bracket is removed the 
>transmission should be loose enough to come down.  

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