Pro Con Ten-fusion

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Aug 16 12:26:12 EDT 2006

> Thanks to Steve, Peter Schulz and Alan Cordeiro, who all had basically the
> same message, I finally found that ProConTen bracket on the passenger side
> of the transmission  (see  ).  I'd
> looked around for something resembling the stupid drawing in the Bentley
> and thought I'd examined that part of the tranny at least half a dozen
> times without really recognizing what it is.  Part of the problem, of
> course, is working under the car inside a barn with  hand-held work lights
> letting me see stuff.

I am still a bit surprised at how much I use it for things like working on
cars and peering inside computers (maybe that means I don't have good other
sources of light?) but a little LED headlamp that I initially got for
camping (and I don't camp that much) comes in really handy really a lot of
the time. Mine happens to be a Petzl Tikka Plus that I got at REI, barely
bigger than the 3 (rechargeable in my case) AAA batteries that power it for
a good long time. It's an excellent little helper. There are of course more
powerful ones available, but they are larger and yes, more expensive than


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