coolant leak to timing belt job?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Aug 17 09:55:11 EDT 2006

At 1:09 AM -0600 8/17/06, Ed Kellock wrote:
>Finally got back to this last night and tonight.  It's all back together and
>running without leaks.
>I retensioned the timing belt, replaced the small rubber portion of the
>turbo coolant line, the short piece that feeds the heater core, the upper
>and lower rad hoses and the thermostat. 
>I also rewrapped the cable for the forward knock sensor, replaced the wire
>connectors for the water gallery temp sensor/switch, and replaced the vacuum
>hose to the fuel pressure regulator.
>I refilled with distilled water and will flush it a couple times before
>adding new coolant.  That should give me some time to gain more confidence.

Oh, Oh! And tsk, tsk! You have replaced sooooo many things that 
"ain't broke". You must be aware that you have angered the DFIIIAB 
gods, and you should expect a lightning bolt (from Nevada) to arrive 
and smite you...

P.S. Nice going on the preventive maintenance.
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