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Kneale, Patrick
    I had two issues with getting the transmission back together, one 
was this bracket.  The other was one of the round wire connectors that 
had been previously disconnected.  Both got caught between the engine 
and tranny (on two different tries).  I squished the connector, but it 
still worked after reshaping with pliers.  The hard part is trying to 
see these while trying to muscle and align, they are both on top in the 
middle under piping and wiring.  I should have waited for my son to help 
me put the halves together, but who can stop when your having so much fun?

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>Check the hard heater pipe that runs underneath the water manifold. There is a bracket that one of the tranny bolts runs through. It really likes to get right in between the bell housing and tranny. It caused me that same 1/2" gap during reassembly. 
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>>I got the retaining bracket for the cables off my transmission, but that 
>>didn't free up the cables to allow me to put them over the top of the 
>>structure on the transmission that sits in front of the cables. I imagine 
>>that if I had removed the bracket before disengaging the transmission from 
>>the engine, there would be just enough slack to allow them to slide over 
>>that structure. And now I can't seem to slip the tranny back against the 
>>engine to see if that's the case. I can get to about where I have a 1/2" 
>>gap between the cases, but can't close it. So what's keeping the 
>>transmission from sliding back next to the engine? I've tried jacking it 
>>up more, lowering, pushing side to side, etc. 
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