Kneale Brownson kneale at
Thu Aug 17 22:45:56 EDT 2006

I have that connector tucked behind some vacuum lines.  I wasn't aware of
the bracket, but I did try to look all the way around the joint with
lights, but maybe I didn't look closely enough.

Of course, I'm also concerned something inside is preventing complete
alignment, because when I was separating the cases, little bits fell out,
including several ball-bearings.  I'm afraid maybe the bad throwout bearing
fell apart and some shards are keeping things apart.  Is that possible?
I'm thinking I may have to try dismounting a cable-end bracket to try to
get some slack.

At 09:21 PM 8/17/2006 -0500, S Crosbie wrote:
>Kneale, Patrick
>    I had two issues with getting the transmission back together, one 
>was this bracket.  The other was one of the round wire connectors that 
>had been previously disconnected.  Both got caught between the engine 
>and tranny (on two different tries).  I squished the connector, but it 
>still worked after reshaping with pliers.  The hard part is trying to 
>see these while trying to muscle and align, they are both on top in the 
>middle under piping and wiring.  I should have waited for my son to help 
>me put the halves together, but who can stop when your having so much fun?
>patrick.anderson1 at wrote:
>>Check the hard heater pipe that runs underneath the water manifold. There 
>is a bracket that one of the tranny bolts runs through. It really likes to 
>get right in between the bell housing and tranny. It caused me that same 
>1/2" gap during reassembly. 
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>>From: Kneale Brownson <kneale at> 
>>>I got the retaining bracket for the cables off my transmission, but that 
>>>didn't free up the cables to allow me to put them over the top of the 
>>>structure on the transmission that sits in front of the cables. I imagine 
>>>that if I had removed the bracket before disengaging the transmission from 
>>>the engine, there would be just enough slack to allow them to slide over 
>>>that structure. And now I can't seem to slip the tranny back against the 
>>>engine to see if that's the case. I can get to about where I have a 1/2" 
>>>gap between the cases, but can't close it. So what's keeping the 
>>>transmission from sliding back next to the engine? I've tried jacking it 
>>>up more, lowering, pushing side to side, etc. 

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