coolant leak to timing belt job?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Aug 18 02:19:15 EDT 2006

Drove the car tonight, at first gingerly, and finally up a hill, pulling 1.7
in 4th to about 80.  Seems I have a few oil leaks, but no coolant (or
pentosin) seems to be leaking after retensioning the timing belt by
loosening, repositioning, and then tightening the w/p.
I gently tightened the oil pan bolts (230k) and generally cleaned the bottom
of the engine.
Transferred Avant to driveway, V8-5 to garage to investigate noisy
valve-train or *gasp* timing belt assembly.
Will drive Avant to work tomorrow and complete coolant flush with distilled
water and blue infusion thereafter.
PS. Be gone Bilstein HD's!  Yech!!

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Finally got back to this last night and tonight.  It's all back together and
running without leaks.
I retensioned the timing belt, replaced the small rubber portion of the
turbo coolant line, the short piece that feeds the heater core, the upper
and lower rad hoses and the thermostat.  
I also rewrapped the cable for the forward knock sensor, replaced the wire
connectors for the water gallery temp sensor/switch, and replaced the vacuum
hose to the fuel pressure regulator.
I refilled with distilled water and will flush it a couple times before
adding new coolant.  That should give me some time to gain more confidence.

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My premise is that the water pump leak is due to the loosening of its bolts
which would also explain the loose timing belt.  I did not have any untoward
noises from the area prior to noticing the leak.
If, when I attempt to adjust the belt tension with the w/p, I don't have
some confidence that that was the cause, I will re-examine my course of
action at that time.  If I do decide to dig further, i.e. remove the w/p for
inspection/replacement, I'll probably put a new belt on them too. 

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