cooling system drain

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OK sorry - one case where the transplant screws up info.....
just drill a hole in the block - you can just close it up with a tapered
j/k for those that don't know my sarcastic nature - I know Ed does....

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That's the lower rad hose and that outlet on the rad is not at the
bottom of the rad, it's about 1/3 of the way up for whatever reason and
it's a pita to get to.  But hey, thanks!  ;-)
I realize there's no way to drain it dry which is why I would like to
find the easiest drain point since I'll be dumping and refilling it
several times to get all the old coolant out.

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Hey Ed-
The best place I know of (granted hooked to urq radiator) is the main
big line at the bottom of the rad from t-stat.  It think no matter the 
hose you pick - it still leaves some (a lot??) in the block...


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Where's the easiest place to drain the cooling system on the 3B? 

I disconnect the lower hose to the aux rad but don't relish the thought
of doing that when it's hot.

The V8 has a nice little drain pitcock like thing.  I don't see anything
like that on the 200q20v.

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