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Bentley  recommends the small elbow hose that goes from the back of the block
to the  heater valve as the best place to drain the coolant.   It is  the
easiest to get to and makes the least mess.    Still, there  is no elegant
way to recover the coolant and get the whole system drained.  

I just put in a new radiator [Nissen, all metal] and a variety of hoses,  the 
heater valve, new aux coolant pump, t-stat, etc. I drained from both the  
short curved hose going to the heater valve and the bottom of the aux radiator.  
I think draining from both those locations gets the majority of coolant  out. 
I did drain the system, fill with a system cleaner and water, ran that for  a 
couple days then filled with water only, ran that for a couple days, then did  
the water flush again. By the end of those 3 rounds of flushing and filling  
the last drain was clear.

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