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When I  put the second radiator in my 20v, I used an aftermarket radiator
which did  not have the outlets for the aux radiator.  When I had the shop
punch  those in I also had them put in a 3/8" nipple at the bottom about  six
inches in from the right end, which I then hosed down to a drain  cock.   It
worked perfectly until the radiator wore out.  I  really miss not having it

It sure would be nice to have some easier way of draining! Pulling and  
pushing back on the lower aux hose isn't the easiest thing to do. While I had it  
off I thought about trying to add a "T" of some sort, but kinda gave up when I  
decided there wasn't enough room with the splash shield in the way. The block 
to  heater valve hose has enough clearance that a good grip isn't an issue 
and  therefore can be taken off an put back on easy enough.

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