Got Teens? Driving clinic at New Hampshire speedway Saturday

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Aug 24 15:27:29 EDT 2006

Hey all, the North Atlantic chapter of ACNA is running a one-day  
driving clinic Saturday.  This is a collection of the 'exercises'  
many clubs use to teach car control skills.  Slaloms, skidpad,  
braking box, lane-change/avoidance, etc in a large parking lot up at  
NHIS in Loudon, NH (about 20-25 minutes from Concord, NH).

The club had teenage/inexperienced drivers in mind, but if you've  
wanted to dabble and get your feet wet with some of what a full- 
fledged track even is about, this is as good a way as any (BMW club  
actually requires something similar before they let you on the track  
at all!)  I believe some demonstrations are planned- like how holding  
a cell phone interferes with your ability to control your car :-)

Cost is $100, you do NOT need to be a member, and any licensed driver  
is welcome.  Learner's permits are OK, but ONLY while doing the  
exercises, as NH doesn't recognize learner's permits...and your teen  
should have in-car experience before this clinic.  You don't need to  
"pre-tech" your car like you would for a full-fledged track event; we  
do a basic check of your car when you get there.

Full details (along with the specifics on learners-permit drivers)  
and registration are here:

Feedback of any kind is welcome, email me if you have any questions  
or need help.


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