Mystery part

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Fri Aug 25 21:47:10 EDT 2006

The only thing there is the throwout bearing. I wil guess these are all
parts of it. If you have the repacement bearing, compare it
and see if all the pieces can be accounted for.

I also noticed a ring just inside your clutch fingers. Is that also part
of the throwout bearing?

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> Examining my tranny after extraction, I found a bunch of broken/bent 
> parts.
> What's this ring (arrow?)  Note the broken remains of the throwout
> bearing, including the smaller ring in front.
> My mystery ring is the one in the center on this photo.  The other bits 
> are
> what broke off the throwout bearing  The scraps and ball bearings in the
> rightmost ring were in the bottom of the transmission casing.
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