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Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Aug 28 15:07:12 EDT 2006

On 8/28/06, Bernie Benz <b.benz at> wrote:
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> > Kneale Brownson <kneale at> wrote:
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> >> I originally planned to replace the rear main seal as part of the throwout
> >> bearing/clutch replacement.  But looking at the Bentley, I'd have to get
> >> some additional new parts, namely new flywheel bolts, new needle bearing,
> >> as well as some more tools I don't have yet.  I see no sign of rear main
> >> seal leakage.  This car has ~130K miles.  Is rear main seal replacement
> >> necessary?
> >
> > Imagine how you would feel after going through the trouble to pull the
> > tranny to have the rear seal start whistling (sucking in air) any time
> > the clutch pedal is not depressed, which happens.
> What! You¹re running a vacuum in the crank case? And just why would it
> whistle only when the clutch pedal is not depressed? No relationship, IMO.
> I¹ve never heard of nor experienced such foolishness.

I think we're all running a vacuum in the crankcase at idle.  I think
the consensus about it whistling only when the clutch pedal is not
depressed is because the crank moves just enough that the seal
contacts a different part of it than the leaking part.  Then again it
may just be coincidence.  Googling for the foolishness will help you
hear of it.  A link for you convenience:

> >  Worse yet, if the
> > seal started leaking and ruined your new clutch and all the labor was
> > wasted.  It's preventative maintenance, IMO.
> Even worse would be to have the new seal not seal because of an infant
> mortality problem! DF what AB!

Yes, I agree that would be worse, but I'd rather try to replace it
than leave the old one in there.  The same could be said about the
rest of the clutch parts being replaced, but the labor to remove the
tranny is too much to warrant anything less than generous preventative
maintenance, in my opinion.  We certainly don't have to agree.  =)

> Henny Penny, the sky is falling! Could just be the old blinker fluid
> problem. I¹ve never replaced a rotary shaft seal in (oh my god!) almost 50
> years, and never had one not recover from a leak in less than 1000 miles.



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