Replacing Windshield...

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The really unfortuate thing is you may be gambling with other people's
money/health/well-being in general if you cause a serious accident and
don’t have the means to make amends....


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Comprehensive?  What's that?

In other words, hell no I don't have comprehensive, or for that matter 
collision, or unininsured.  Bare bones all the way.  In fact if the
didn't require it, I'd have no insurance at all.  I guess I'll just have
see what the "cash" vs "insurance company" costs are.

Funny, I don't like gambling, but still am willing to take the gamble on
road that I won't need insurance.  I guess I feel I have some modicum of

control, and hence it's not really a gamble.

Derek P

>You¹re lucky Derek,
>44 chassis windshields are still available, CQs are not. Hope you have 
>comprehensive insurance. For insurance purposes, a rock hit it and all 
>damage was immediate. Shop for an auto glass house that will eat your 
>deductible. BTDT.
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> >
> > Anyone found a good inexpensive way to do this.  Turns out I should 
> > have gotten that new rock chip "Novused" sooner...came out after 
> > work
> > and the sun had persuaded the chip to spread into three big cracks
> > across the windshield.
> >
> > I've no intention of doing this myself, but just trying to see if
>there's a
> > preferred source for aftermarket glass or the like.  Also wondering 
> > if
> > may be relatively more expensive because of the imbedded antenna.
> >
> > ...otherwise looks like this just may be a case of calling around 
> > and looking for the best price.
> >
> > Derek P
> >
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