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Insurance, some you can¹t afford not to have, some you can self insure in
whole or in part with your selection of deductable. Depends upon individual
circumstances and comfort zone.

I carry one Mil BI liability and 1K PD, no collision, and $250 deductable on
comprehensive. Philosophy being that if I break it I pay, don¹t take my
retirement, and NV sand and rocks eat windshields at regular intervals.


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> I was very relieved when the other insurance company cut me a check
> for my car, which I kept net the salvage value.
> ---------------------
> I had to fight for almost 3 months to get close to a fair value for the 200q
> that hit the deer. I paid ~$250 for the salvage for the first one I totaled
> and ~450 for the 2nd one. The last two 200q's I've owned have come from
> listers in Colorado and I've been very happy with both deals.
> It was also interesting to learn that hitting a deer is not a collision -
> it's covered under comprehensive, which for me made a $400 difference in the
> deductibles.
> mike in montana
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