Code 3B

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Aug 30 23:56:01 EDT 2006

> I have a 1991 20 valve 200 Turbo Quattro Audi that was built with
> about a 300
> hp engine (substantially more than the 217 hp engine listed in the owners
> manual), special racing breaks, a larger turbocharger, etc., yet
> I cannot find
> specs anywhere for this edition.  I understand there were a
> limited number of
> these made (about 57 sedans?).  I have searched and searched on
> the Internet
> looking for specs on my car and can't find any that reference
> this limited
> edition.  I did run across a reference to a 3B engine code and am
> wondering if this
> is what I have.  Please advise.

As far as any of us here on the 200q20v list are aware, all 1000ish sedans
and 250ish (I always get the avant count wrong?) designated "200 quattro"
imported into the USA for model year 1991 had the same original 217hp engine
with manufacturing code 3B. 3B = 217hp. As opposed to the 160hp 10v
MC-1/MC-2 engine in the 1989-1991 200 non-quattro, 1989-1990 200 quattro,
and Canada 1989-1991 200 quattro. In Europe, several thousand other
1989-1990 200 quattros and coupe quattros called S2s also had 3B engines.

What makes you think you have 300hp, larger turbo, "special racing breaks",
etc? You have put it on a dyno? No documentation came with the car, like a
special window sticker? Certainly a number of cars have been modified since
new with fun go-fast parts like turbos, brakes, chips, and the like. Perhaps
you have one of those. Never heard of a special edition of 57.

I am not trying to be mean, but what you are claiming is unsupported by
anything I have heard in the nearly 10 years I have owned my 200q20v, and
I'm kind of a geek about this stuff. I nearly crashed my bike tonight
looking over when the local '91 V8 5speed (one of 75 imported) drove past


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