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Thu Aug 31 07:24:41 EDT 2006

There are no special editions of the 200 turbo quattro 20v that involve
engine or brake modifications.

There are definitely no special editions of the 1991 200 quattro sold in
North America.

The only car in 1991 sold by Audi in the States that is very limited is the
V8 quattro 5-speed, which there are about 70.

Chipped 3Bs do anywhere from 265 to 280hp, it is very possible that your car
has been modified. 3B is simply the engine code for the 5 cyl. turbo 20v
engine used in the type 44 chassis (your car). The same engine was used in
the '90-91 UrQ, the early S2 and the '89-90 100/200q, all of which were
Europe-only cars.


On 8/30/06, D3jr at <D3jr at> wrote:
> I have a 1991 20 valve 200 Turbo Quattro Audi that was built with about a
> 300
> hp engine (substantially more than the 217 hp engine listed in the owners
> manual), special racing breaks, a larger turbocharger, etc., yet I cannot
> find
> specs anywhere for this edition.  I understand there were a limited number
> of
> these made (about 57 sedans?).  I have searched and searched on the
> Internet
> looking for specs on my car and can't find any that reference this limited
> edition.  I did run across a reference to a 3B engine code and am
> wondering if this
> is what I have.  Please advise.
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