actual cash value of my '91 200q20v

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3 yrs ago I got $6k after their initial offer of ~$4600. That car was in 
very good shape and was pretty much stock with the odo reading about 150k - 
(odo had been inop for a few yrs.). A year ago, I hit a deer with the 
replacement car to the tune of about $3k in damages. The ins. co. (same one) 
said the car was worth $3200 - this was 10 days after a $2700 repair bill - 
that car had 208k on the odo. It took me close to 3 months of fighting them 
to get them up to my original stated value of $5000 to $5500. That car had 
about $1k worth of stereo, after market wheels and Euros. They finally paid 
an estimator to drive almost 200 miles to come to the house and appraise the 
car - his appraisal was a tad over $5000 so the ins. decided to fix the car, 
but they refused to pay more than $150 to have it towed to a shop- this 
after they paid $250 to get it towed to my house to avoid storage charges. 
It's an 80 mile tow to any repair shop. After a really nasty phone call, the 
adjustor said that I could declare the car a total - this made no sense to 
me. They balked at paying $3k for repairs and $250 to have it towed to a 
repair shop, yet they were willing to cut me a check for $4500 and let me 
keep the car.

I sent the ins. co. copies of all repair receipts and I also sent them 
carefully selected ads from - of course I picked the higher 
priced ads.I also went through each of the ads I sent line by line comparing 
it to my car. I just kept flatly refusing to accept their lowball offers and 
eventually they caved in. But it took a lot of time and frustration.

The insurance company was AIG.


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> My 1991 200q20v was recently totaled and I am haggling with the insurance
> company over what they consider to be the value of my car, which they say 
> is
> worth less than it would cost to repair it.  I'm curious what others have 
> been
> compensated under similar circumstances.
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