Auxiliary radiator and K26 Turbo Question

Leon proleonk at
Fri Dec 1 02:49:54 EST 2006

My auxiliary radiator mount got loose and ended up in the A/C
compressor and left me stranded on my day off. I temporary bypassed
the radiator by connecting a fitting heater hose between the two
outlets on the main radiator, like a loop back.
My question is: is it safe to be driving like this for extended
periods of time, or do i have to spend the $200 to get a new radiator?
Do any previous Turbo Audi models have those radiators, as I have not
found one?

Also, I currently have the stock turbo, the K24, and I'm wondering if
the K26 from an '86 5000 is a direct bolt up? I located one at the
junkyard, and considering taking it as a backup turbo.

Let me know,


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