Inst cluster ground/dash light and loose steering column fixed

Eric Huppert dragracer at
Fri Dec 1 21:51:25 EST 2006

As always, a easy job (with lots of documentation) turns into a problem!

Per instructions on the list I finally fixed the bad solder joints in the
IC. Pounding the dash was getting to where it didn't always work and my
significant other wasn't usually impressed with the "quick fix"!

Of course there was problems, isn't there always? A while back I had
soldered the grounding pins to the clips, figured I was sooo smart! Of
course when I started disassembling the circuit board tonight I realized I
only had the solder sucker, no solder wick!!! ARGH. Stubbornness prevailed,
finally got them to separate. Then on to the wire jumper fix as was posted a
while back... What a PITA. Don't normally wear my reading glasses (It's the
bad lighting, not my eyes?) but even with them it was a strain. Took a
couple of tries to get a clean "small" joint, but got both jumper wires

Started putting the IC back together and realized the wires were interfering
with the two pins near the weak portion of the board. Had already gotten the
other side together but had some difficulty, It finally "snapped" in. Of
course I say snapped because when I took it back apart the portion of the
circuit card for the clock adjust was broken off... Figured I'd wait until
tomorrow and disconnect the battery to adjust it, BUT, clock has read 5:06
for the last half hour...

So, if anyone has a extremely cheap cluster I would be interested. Not worth
spending a lot of $'s to have the clock.

Second fix was the loose column (post ignition switch replacement) Have
knocked the "wedge" in 3 or 4 times since doing the switch. Kept working
loose. Borrowed my pals right angle drill and drilled after seating the
wedge once again. Screwed together now. Hopefully that will keep it tight.

Cheers, Eric

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