Blink Code 2111

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Sat Dec 2 18:49:10 EST 2006

Hey Guys,
   Been getting this code when I do the blink test.   

2111 (Blink Fault Code), VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number 00513 RPM  sensor Open 
or short circuit, Defective sensor & cables, metal fragments on  flywheel teeth.
  If I pull the ECU fuse and re-check I get code 4444 meaning  everything is 
OK. (car also seems to run noticably better). After driving a week  I decided 
to re-check and the 2111 code has returned(no other codes either). The  engine 
speed sensor (G28)appears to be new so the PO may have been having the  same 
Any experience, guesses or comments appreciated.

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