Auxiliary radiator and K26 Turbo Question

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Sat Dec 2 20:42:18 EST 2006

You can run without the aux radiator indefinitely.  You might want to install
one if you you are running more load and in higher temp, such as stop and go
in hot weather.


The K26 is a direct fit - may need to "clock" it  by rotating the housing if
the orientation is different, but the fittings are the same.




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My auxiliary radiator mount got loose and ended up in the A/C compressor and
left me stranded on my day off. I temporary bypassed the radiator by
connecting a fitting heater hose between the two outlets on the main radiator,
like a loop back.

My question is: is it safe to be driving like this for extended periods of
time, or do i have to spend the $200 to get a new radiator?

Do any previous Turbo Audi models have those radiators, as I have not found


Also, I currently have the stock turbo, the K24, and I'm wondering if the K26
from an '86 5000 is a direct bolt up? I located one at the junkyard, and
considering taking it as a backup turbo.


Let me know,



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