Blink Code 2111

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Sun Dec 3 00:22:08 EST 2006

Thanks fellas.
Well I tried cleaning the RPM and timing sensors. No luck. RPM sensor is  
brand new so somebody's been down this road with this car it seems. Timing  
sensor was really dirty but no luck there either. I can't get the code to clear  
now. I also tried blowing the flywheel teeth off with brake cleaner and  
compressed air.  
Going to have to double check that I'm pulling the right fuse to clear the  
ECU. I know it cleared before and ran better for a while. (Car runs fine it 
just  felt zippier for a few days after I got it to blink the magic 4444). 
If I had some good calipers I might try to put some putty on the sensor and  
get the gap that way. No way to use a feeler gauge without pulling the trans  
off. Seems like it should be in range though.  Really no way to move it  
closer. Could shim it if it's too close I suppose. 
Car starts and runs fine but will not start with either sensor pulled out  of 
it's mount. Wonder what is upsetting the ECU about this sensor? Car will  
jerk/hesitate in first gear sometimes as well when first letting out the clutch  
and getting on the gas.
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kneale at writes:

Actually, Bernie, the Bentley calls for the ignition timing sensor to  be
0.45-1.25 mm from the pin.  The RPM sensor is supposed to be  0.50-1.25 mm
from the flywheel teeth.  Pages 13.34 & 13.35  describe how to place feeler
gauges for these measurements.

At  04:50 PM 12/2/2006 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:
>You can certainly check  the sensor for open or short. Pull the sensor and
>check/clean its face.  Reinstall with it as close as possible into the FW
>teeth, no adjustment  here I think. 

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