Euro lights-replacement lenses for.

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Dec 3 10:53:19 EST 2006

Of course, the lens must be removed from the housing for this annealing
process. Place lenses in center of oven, a forced convection oven may give
more even heating than a conventional one. Turn the heat up slowly over a
period of half hour or so to a peak of 450 or 500, and reverse the process
cooling over an hour or so.

I wouldn¹t buy again from Stongard. Their pre cut, die cut product was a
poor fit to the lenses. Recently purchased the 3M material from X-Pel
(Google it) in rectangular sheets and cut with a sissors, cheaper by far


From: PeterBergin at
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 23:47:51 EST
To: b.benz at, 200q20v at
Subject: Re: Euro lights-replacement lenses for.

Bernie, I will probably get around to installing my Euro's soon, (been
sitting in the garage for 4 years).  Can you give me more details on your
"baking" the glass lenses please?  I do plan on putting stone guard on them

Thanks, Pete
          91 Avant

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