Euro lenses

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sun Dec 3 17:22:05 EST 2006

HHMM, while I know the PIAA output, I'd be thinking something is not right with your current set up.  Don't know if your "old" set up was Euros, but with lots of experience with early Audi euros, the typ44 turbo set up with 85 watt lows and 60-80watt H3 hi alone should really give the old set up more than a run for its money.
Adam Gratz adamgratz at Sun Dec 3 03:25:30 EST 2006 
On the Euro healdight issue:

I put a set of 5000 non turbo lenses and grills on my old 200tq with 110watt
bulbs. That and a set of Piaa driving lamps gave me far more than my current
set of Euros on the 20v. Far more light. 

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