operating temperature?

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Tue Dec 5 18:19:33 EST 2006


As for my 200 20V....

Installed the 80c thermostat when I got the car in May. It reads halfway to
straight up (1/4). Previous 200 and 5000's generally ran almost straight up
on the gauge. Guess the aux radiator makes a difference. Several times this
summer (very few) the needle went straight up, but that was in low/no speed
traffic with AC on. The after run fan and pump work, but car rarely gets hot
enough that they even come on. BTDT with the previous 44's, so know the
after run circuit well!

Believe the 87C thermostat won't read in the middle of the gauge either.
Find someone with a temp "gun" and see if you can get a reading off the
thermostat housing (buried) and see what that shows...


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