operating temperature?

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Wed Dec 6 01:26:02 EST 2006

I've played the thermostat dance recently on my V8.  The t-stat is identical
except for a small vent/check valve thingy.  

The Wahlers seem to have a larger diameter opening but the travel is
shorter.  I've gone thru 3 or so t-stats until I found one that seemed to
allow the engine to reach operating temp but didn't cause the car to run too
warm in warmer outside temps.  These were all brand new t-statsof various
manufacture.  I have one more new one that I haven't tried yet.  My
Thanksgiving road trip to LA was with one similar that I originally removed.
The subsequent Wahler didn't seem to open far enough to allow reasonable
engine temp while just cruising around town with outside temps at no more
than 60F.


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> I thought about checking the temp via the climate control 
> head. Don't know  
> how much more accurate this would be though. 
>  Did your gauge come up when you got in to traffic or was it 
> just  stuck on 
> the lower end? Mine shoots right up if I'm not cruising. Just 
> kind of  an 
> annoying quirk at this point. I'm assuming the sensors are 
> functioning OK due  to 
> the fluctuation of the gauge that corresponds to driving conditions.
> I'm suspicious that the Whaler thermostats all function this 
> way. Do you  
> remember what brand of t-stat you have in your car?
> This is the third Audi I've owned that ran cold when moving 
> like this. The  
> one that has the most stable temp is my 1994 avant with a 
> cheapo parts  store 
> t-stat.
> Chad
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> kneale at coslink.net writes:
> Has  anyone checked the actual temperature of the cooling 
> system when the car is  fully warmed?  We keep referring to a 
> gauge in an instrument  cluster
> that depends on a very poor sensor for its readings.   
> My 200q20v sedan read in the middle of the first three marks 
> on the  low end of the gauge for the first 60K miles I had 
> the car.  Then I  replaced the radiators, the hoses and the 
> sensors.  Now it reads just  above the big mark that's not 
> quite to the middle of the gauge.  It's  there whether the 
> ambient temperature is 90 (F) or -19 unless I sit in  traffic 
> or at a drive-up window.  Then it rises slightly until the 
> fan  comes on and sends it back to its customary position.  
> That's been for  the last 45K miles.
> Before replacing a relatively new thermostat, why  not get actual
> temperature readings in the coolant system?   
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