operating temperature?

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As per my experience and my wrench's,  car should operate at the first
tick mark on the coolant gauge while moving, and not get past second
bold tick mark (fan comes on to higher speeds) in traffic.  Oil temp
should be first tick mark until you start to beat on it.  I personally
would be hesitant to operate w/o an aux rad for track type driving or
30+ deg C w/ a/c on in traffic (not everyone lives in maine).  If you
rewired your rad fan......maybe, as this will be on max for a long time
pulling mad juice (mine melted down at the fusible link). I have seen
the oil gauge close to middle while flying through the white mtns in
NH.....function of 2.5 bar boost for a long time I guess.  If my oil
gauge reads over the 60 mark during normal operation I am usually down
at least 1 liter of oil.

Anyone who has a urq or similar knows that these operating temps are way
preferable to being on the high side of operating temps.

I did measure the oil and water temps via a calibrated ir thermometer a
while ago.  I could look for the data, as I recall the temps varied by
about 10deg C depending on how/where you measured them and were fairly
close to the gauge.  I think the oil gauge was the most off, at 60deg on
the gauge I was getting higher readings from lines or pan or
something......anyway I remember I was ok with whole system so I didn't
mess w/ anything.

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I can say it doesn't run cooler because of the Aux Rad in my case as I
don't have one. 75-80 MPH in 32F ambient for 1 hour and the coolant
gauge never got past the 1st single tick, same ambient sitting for 5
minutes and it goes to the 1/2 tick.   Heating system had plenty of heat
and oil temps were right at first tick which is wear it always sits on
the highway regardless of ambient.
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 00:10:14 -0500From: Brett Dikeman
<quattro at frank.mercea.net>Subject: Re: operating temperature? The turbo
20v is a little "infamous" for running cooler than other  I-5's, at
least according to the gauge, in some circumstances.  Some  have said it
is because of the placement on the external coolant  manifold, others
say it is because of the auxiliary radiator.

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