96 A6Q Avant, what's it worth?

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Fri Dec 8 14:41:05 EST 2006

Seeing as how I just retired from the military I'm trying to find viable
options that would allow me to NOT get a job immediately... Been toying with
the idea of "flipping" a car or two a month.

Looking at a 96 A6 Avant (Q) locally. 110K, just had a major service done to
the tune of 1800. Owner has all receipts, work was TB, water pump, seals,
etc, etc. Also, two front ox sensors replaced. Body and interior are in good

Needs a ign switch, windshield (apx 300 to replace) two outer cv boots. Also
has a chk engine light on. Explained to the owner the price would have to be
right as I'd be buying with the intent to re-sell. And, I would run VAG-com
to get codes and determine as best I could what expenditures would be...

Thinking resale once car sorted out would be in the 4500 range... Sound
reasonable, high, low????

If I decide to move vehicles they'll be completely gone through and in good
shape prior to selling... Damn, I really hate being so honest sometimes....


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