Chuck's Strut Tower Bar Should I make more???

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Dec 8 16:15:50 EST 2006

Hi Gang
I have a couple of requests to build some more of the strut tower bar
we built last spring.
So if a person is interested let me know and I will forward some pictures.
I have had pretty good response from the folks that have gotten theirs 
This  bar is specific to only the 91 200 20v sedans and avants.
I need 4 or more to make it worth the effort to get all the materials.
Here is a couple of responses:

> Chuck:
> Sorry for tardiness on reply.
> Yes, have done two track events (Gingerman and Putnam Park).
> The car is much more stable in turns, and much flatter.
> Suggest you contact aftermarket suppliers and offer it to them.

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> From: Ted Fisher <fisherwc at>
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> Sent: Friday, March 3, 2006 11:41:12 PM
> Subject: Strut Bars
> Got one of Chuck's strut bars and put it on the 200 Avant wagon. The bar
> is very robust and the jackscrews allow for very fine adjustments. The
> jack screws looks just like the ones on the Nisson 350Z. Clever way to
> handle the differences in mounting that older cars will have and so much
> better than the slide mounts I usually see. I used the jackscrews to put
> some pressure on the strut towers and was actually able to flattened out
> the stress buckle on the passengers side. The best news of all was when
> I had the car aligned. For the first time in ten years I was able to get
> the camber brought within factory specs. Should be no more problems with
> the front tires only lasting 10-15K before they have to be replaced.
> Handling really hasn't change though the car feels more planted on bumpy
> curves. And it looks good.
> If anyone has a type 44 sedan or wagon that has a problem at the stress
> point or just want to keep the front suspension where it belongs you
> have to get one of these cross braces from Chuck.
> Ted

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