Dark Blue 1991 200 Wagon available

CLAG500 at aol.com CLAG500 at aol.com
Fri Dec 8 20:18:44 EST 2006

I would say pics, price, location, a good description  and any  available 
service history would be the best way to sell on the internet. Place  an add and 
post to forums on here and audiworld. Ebay also seems like a decent  place to 
sell older rare audis as well. I recently got my 1991 200 TQA on  ebay.
If you know the car I'm sure a good endorsement from you would also help  
especially among the Audi nuts. (Probably the biggest market for these  cars)
It's funny how the 200 wagons (or sedans for that matter) aren't worth a  ton 
of money (I paid 4k for a very nice one). Just imagine how much a one-of-160  
911 would be worth. 
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I friend  of mine asked me to see about selling his IA Modified Wagon.   Any

Ned Ritchie


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