Leather set cleaning

Steve Hauptmann vwaudiporschefan at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 12 14:27:40 EST 2006

On the soap and water. 

I have used Murphys oil soap and warm water for may years with great sucess. If you have lots of "crud", you may need to use a bit more than what is called for, but it works great and leaves the car smelling nice. Also good for the dash and door panels. Try not to wet the stiching however and it will cause it to rot.  After it dries, condition with your favorite conditioner. For your "flipping" purposes, Lexol conditioner does a fair job and is easy. I like Connoloy hide food for the deep conditioning and a Lexol type spray-on for maintenance conditioning. 

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Need to clean the ECRU seats on my new (to me)96 A6 Avant... Going to play
"flip that car" and need to get it cleaned before I dig into the mechanical
stuff. Searched the archives for leather cleaning, but not too many hits!

The cleaner/conditioner isn't doing such a great job at removing the crud.
Owners manual says mild detergent and water. A friend just told me that a
car detailer he knows uses a mix of simple green and white ammonia.

Will try the soap and water deal tomorrow, but figured I'd poll the
collective masses!

Thoughts, any BTDT???


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