Battery drain traced to central locking...

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Dec 13 13:37:32 EST 2006

> Folks:
> Traced a battery drain to the circuit that controls the central
> locking on my grey wagon...
> Pulled the fuse and no more dead battery ( but no more central
> locking either)
> Symptom was that if I didn't drive the car for a week, battery would
> be dead - whether the doors were locked or not.
> Before I slog my way through the Bentley schematics, where is the
> central locking pump located on an Avant?
> I want to check it ....

I believe the pump is nestled in some acoustic insulation next to the
battery on both sedans and avants. I thought there was a time-out on its
relay exactly so that it wouldn't run down the battery if it was unable to
achieve desired pressure state due to tube leakage. But I guess my system
doesn't have any leaks so I haven't tested that personally... If yours has a
leak you'll probably be looking inside each door and the hatch, at the
junction between hard plastic lines and rubber hose connecting to the lock


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