Flywheel timing window location?

Rbade12 at Rbade12 at
Mon Dec 18 07:37:55 EST 2006

Alan, Chris
 Thanks, I did end up finding it under all that stuff [it didn't help  that I 
had the intake manifold off and it was sitting in that general  area!}.
 However, like you said I couldn't see the mark. I was at the point in  my 
job [plugs, wires, new dist drive gear, dist cover/rotor [PO had the wrong  
rotor in it], cam cover gasket, that it was time to put things together and  I 
really didn't want to move the crankshaft much. So, I visualized TDC with  a 
dowel in #1 cyclinder [probably the most accurate method of determining TDC,  but, 
I'd never done anything timing related without seeing the flywheel mark. In  
spite of having the cam mark correct and rotor lined up and #1 at absolute 
TDC,  restart was a nervous time! Succesful BTW].
 Pretty straight foward job. My OE dist drive gear was in perfect  condition, 
but, one Dremel cut slot in it and a screwdriver twist shattered it  easily, 
very brittle plastic. Heat cycles and plastic just don't mix! Bernies'  
directions helped alot! Lots of cleaning was required in the intake area. With  the 
IAB [idle stabilizer] off I was able to set the intake horizontally on a  
piece of wood spanning the engine bay[ front to back]. Having it in the air like  
Bentley suggests seemed wrong. It's a shame Audi stuck the hydraulic pump in  
front of the bottom front intake fastener because I really dislike having to  
move that pump [my hands just don't fit in there]. I replaced every  vacuum 
line in the engine bay.
 I wasn't sure of the PO's tuneup record, so, I feel better now. It  runs 
well, although I only drove it a few miles, but I suspect I'l be  pleased.

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