Battery drain traced to central locking...

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Mon Dec 18 09:02:10 EST 2006


Thanks for the feedback...

For those of you with "perpetually running" central locking 
pumps,  should I assume that they were only running when the doors were locked?

Haven't had the time to dig into this with other priorities, but I 
think Eric may be on to something...

thanks all!


At 06:55 AM 12/14/2006, Eric Huppert wrote:

>Finally got tired of the Russian roulette, brought the car in the garage and
>put a amp meter (shunt) on the battery. Minimal draw. Went over a LOT of
>electrical relays and circuits with the temp gun to see if one part was
>hotter than the rest, nothing. Car sat for several hours and I finally
>noticed substantial draw (think it was several amps, but don't recall) In my
>case it was a flaky door lock heater switch and or controller. Lock was
>blazing hot once I noticed the draw! Son has the car now...disconnected the
>controller, have the parts, but not a priority fix!.
>Quite difficult to determine intermittent issues. Unless you find something
>obviously wrong you'll have to put a meter on the car and hope to catch it
>when drain occurs....
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