Flywheel timing window location?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Dec 18 10:06:30 EST 2006

At 7:37 AM -0500 12/18/06, Rbade12 at wrote:
>Alan, Chris
>  Thanks, I did end up finding it under all that stuff [it didn't help  that I
>had the intake manifold off and it was sitting in that general  area!}.
>  However, like you said I couldn't see the mark.

That frequent complaint ("I couldn't see the mark') can be avoided by 
use of an invaluable tool that costs less than $20. About 5 years ago 
(at the suggestion of Art Mayhew, my Audi tech) I purchased a long, 
flexible inspection light ($19 at Pep Boys; $15 at Sears) and it has 
been my most-indispensable shop tool ever since. It is battery 
operated with a tiny, high-intensity bulb at its tip. The long, thin 
flexible neck can reach into tight spaces and put its narrow (but 
intense) beam exactly onto your work area. This avoids shadow 
formation as well as preventing excessive light from being bounced 
back into your eyes. It greatly enhances the ability to see surface 
details that otherwise tend to be obscured by shadowing or excessive 
illumination produced by larger work-lights/flashlights. Try one 
(give yourself a Xmas gift, you deserve it!) and you'll wonder how 
you ever managed without it. This URL shows one on that 
seems identical to mine:


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