Battery drain traced to central locking...

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If indeed the pump is continually running it might be due to vacuum bleeding
off in one of the lines. Have seen the rear line in vicinity of the trunk
(where it goes into trunk tube) deteriorate. Normally I just cut that line
and splice it together with appropriate size vacuum hose. Visual inspection
will show the leak... Suppose you could also pull vacuum line off pump and
pull vacuum with a vac tester to determine if any leak down.

Yes, pump pulls vacuum to lock, believe it applies pressure to unlock...
Have also had faulty pumps but if the pump doesn't turn off it probably more
likely there's a leak...


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Thanks for the feedback...

For those of you with "perpetually running" central locking
pumps,  should I assume that they were only running when the doors were

Haven't had the time to dig into this with other priorities, but I
think Eric may be on to something...

thanks all!


At 06:55 AM 12/14/2006, Eric Huppert wrote:

>Finally got tired of the Russian roulette, brought the car in the garage
>put a amp meter (shunt) on the battery. Minimal draw. Went over a LOT of
>electrical relays and circuits with the temp gun to see if one part was
>hotter than the rest, nothing. Car sat for several hours and I finally
>noticed substantial draw (think it was several amps, but don't recall) In
>case it was a flaky door lock heater switch and or controller. Lock was
>blazing hot once I noticed the draw! Son has the car now...disconnected the
>controller, have the parts, but not a priority fix!.
>Quite difficult to determine intermittent issues. Unless you find something
>obviously wrong you'll have to put a meter on the car and hope to catch it
>when drain occurs....
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