Alarm/ignition switch issues

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The Ign Sw outout that comes on with the key being turned to On and remains
On until the key is extracted from the lock cylinder is term 86s, pg 551, ct
136. Sounds like your alarm system has been misswired such that the loss of
12V from this terminal somehow arms your alarm, rather than from a door key
activation. Sort it out, good luck!


> From: "P Cole" <pcolegrps at>
> Got a little electrical issue I wonder if anyone else has seen?
> Problem: I recently had the ignition switch ( including the entire mechanical
> mechanism
> and lock cylinder) replaced. At 335K miles it was all worn out.
> The switch broke, the steering lock interconnect shaft broke and the lock cyl
> was really
> fubar too. ( the switch was stuck ON and the activating shafts were all
> broken/jammed)
> After a local shop ( it's cold here in Minn and the garage is full of other
> projects) replaced everything
> -dealership supplied the steering lock assembly with new ignition switch, lock
> cyl was from
> autohausaz- 
> Long story short- the alarm now ARMS ( alarm makes a short bleep) when you
> REMOVE the 
> key from the ignition!. It doesn't arm when you lock the doors.
> The alarm was working perfectly BEFORE the repair. I've searched the Bently (
> current tracks
> and manual) trying to see where the key removal activation signal is and which
> connectors it's in.
> ( it must be there it also runs into the interior lamp control box) .
> Does anyone know where that "switch" contact is?
> Has anyone ever had this problem?
> I'm wondering if the Audi folks supplied a bad part or is it the lock cyl?
> BTW- there is NO way to "swap" the old lock key plates into the new ignition
> lock- I'll have to rekey
> the doors, truck and other locks come spring, until then it's like a old
> Cheby-
> 1 key for the doors another for the ignition.
Sure, you or your lock smith can rekey the lock cylinder to fit your old
> I've had my share of electrical gremlins in other Audi's but until now this
> car has been error free.
> Also now that the IC has been removed the dreaded dual turn signal with lights
> on problem has
> appeared. I know the "fix" has been documented does anyone have a good picture
> of exactly which traces in the circuit board need repair?
Its been posted many times but I can¹t put my hands on it right now.

> Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.
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