Clear coat deteriorating

Scott Elliot Gilman scottegilman at
Sun Dec 24 17:28:19 EST 2006

Any suggestions on how to handle the clear coat that is deteriorating  
on my '91 200 20 valve?  I've had the car since new, it's in great  
shape and I've added performance parts over the years so the car runs  
very strong.  It's a keeper for me.  I'm not financially ready for a  
full paint job so I'm looking for an economical way to address the  
areas where the clear coat is gone.  Also, anyone with suggestions on  
replacing my "popping" speakers?  I may go for a new radio system,  
rather than just replacing the amplified speakers.  Some years back I  
replaced one speaker that was popping, now I have two other speakers  
that are popping.  Thanks to all, and happy holidays.
Scott in Manhattan

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