Strut bearing failure? - Type 44

Dave C dconner at
Mon Dec 25 12:16:18 EST 2006

What are the symptoms of a bad strut bearing?

The symptom I'm experiencing is a grinding feel and sound.  It only occurs
during very low speed turning, as in parking the car, with the steering
cocked fully to the left.  Does not occure when turning right.  No other
wierdness is evident yet.  The car in question is an 87 5ktq with about 180k
miles, and the original strut bearings.

The part I'm talking about is part # 431412249D ... the ring shaped thing
that is accessible only upon complete removal and disassembly of the front
strut.  This is >not< the strut mount ... metal and rubber thing secured by
three bolts..

Does this sound like a bad strut bearing?

If it is the strut bearing, what am I risking by delaying replacement?

If not the strut bearing, what else might it be?

Dave C.

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