[V8] Strut bearing failure? - Type 44

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Mon Dec 25 13:42:22 EST 2006


Yep, sounds like bad (no more grease) strut bearing.  Never heard  
about detrimental/ dangerous 'failure' per se.  Just try not to turn  
at slow speeds ;-)

Joking, of course.  IME that's all it could be.


On Dec 25, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Dave C wrote:

> What are the symptoms of a bad strut bearing?
> The symptom I'm experiencing is a grinding feel and sound.  It only  
> occurs
> during very low speed turning, as in parking the car, with the  
> steering
> cocked fully to the left.  Does not occure when turning right.  No  
> other
> wierdness is evident yet.  The car in question is an 87 5ktq with  
> about 180k
> miles, and the original strut bearings.
> The part I'm talking about is part # 431412249D ... the ring shaped  
> thing
> that is accessible only upon complete removal and disassembly of  
> the front
> strut.  This is >not< the strut mount ... metal and rubber thing  
> secured by
> three bolts..
> Does this sound like a bad strut bearing?
> If it is the strut bearing, what am I risking by delaying replacement?
> If not the strut bearing, what else might it be?
> Thanks,
> Dave C.
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