200 Engine Pull under Way

The Corbs c.corbishley at comcast.net
Wed Dec 27 17:52:24 EST 2006

Finally got my tail in gear, put her up on the lift and started dismantling 
the front end in prep for pulling the motor.

Also got the engine hoist set up and ready to go.

Came apart much easier than I had anticipated, and I have the engine fully 
exposed in front.

I suspect that this was the easy part, so any tips, tricks BTDTs would be 
most appreciated.

I am also harvesting lots of 200 bits that I will not need, and will be 
happy to make these available to any of you that are within driving distance 
of Charleston, SC.  The remainder will end in the wreckers.

The car is an old NE car with front left damage and a fair amount of surface 
rust, approx 190k miles.

Cheers and Happy New Year to you all!!

John Corbs 

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