v-belt sizes

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 07:23:24 EST 2006

  I am trying to get some accessory belts for my son's coupe q 20v. Blau has a decent price on a kit but doesn't get into part numbers or dimensions. SJM autotechnic lists the exact size for each belt. NAPA and stores who sell gates belts, list the car with 90s but doesn't even show the 20v 7A motor. The dimensions are close but looks like they pick the nearest size in fractions and sell that belt. 
     I changed belts a year or so ago on my '91 200 20v and the belts seem to loosen up and squeal.
     Any btdt or similar experiences? Should I send him to the dealer?
                                    TIA, Tom 

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